Full-text corpus data

Nearly all companies and most universities can pay for the corpus data via PayPal. But some universities (mostly in Europe) do not allow payments to be made via credit card -- at PayPal or anywhere else. In these cases, one other option is to make the payment via wire transfer to our bank.

The instructions for the wire transfer depend on what country you are in and what currency you are using (Euro, Hong Kong dollar, etc). Please email us and we will send you a PDF file with the instructions.

Notes on payment via wire transfer:

1. For orders of less than $300, there is an additional $20 charge for using a wire transfer. So if this were a license for full-text data for one corpus for an unlimited number of users, it would be $395 (normal price) + $20 (additional charge). This $20 fee pays for the amount that the bank charges to accept a wire transfer.

2. Whereas payment by PayPal is very fast, payment by wire transfer can take 2-3 days.