Full-text corpus data

Your purchase allows you to download the data in any or all of the three different formats. Click on a link below (e.g. $375) to download the licensing agreement for that dataset.



One corpus Two corpora 3+ corpora
(see example)
ACAD For use by university or college personnel (professors, teachers, students). $375 $595 $200 each additional corpus
NON-ACAD Any other use*, including commercial. $795 $1,395 $400 each additional corpus
If you purchase three corpora or more, the total cost is the cost of two corpora + the indicated price for each corpus beyond two. For example, for an Academic License for COCA + GloWbE + NOW + Wikipedia (4 corpora), it would be $595 (two corpora) + $200 (third corpus) + $200 (fourth corpus) = $995 total.

To purchase the data:

1. Make sure that you agree to the restrictions on the use of the data, and indicate this by entering your name and email address on that form. If you have questions, please contact us before sending in the licensing agreement listed above. Also, make sure that you are aware of the limitations on the format of the data (95% there, 5% removed for reasons of copyright).

2. Download and fill out the appropriate license agreement listed above, and then send it back to us as an email attachment. For an academic license, the license agreement must be sent back from a university email account, and you must be current faculty or staff.

3. Once we receive the license agreement, we'll send you a request for payment from PayPal. Note that you can use a credit card for the payment at PayPal -- you don't need a pre-existing account there. (Note that there is also the option of paying by wire transfer, for those universities that are unable to pay by credit card).

4. As soon as we receive confirmation of the payment, we'll send you the link to download the data.

Thanks for your interest.